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Reunion 2009

It’s not THAT far away… we do know the date: June 27, 2009! Based on feedback we received during and after the 2008 reunion, it seems a lot of people want to meet in Chester… this is not without it’s challenges, mostly because of space limitations. The largest available facility is the the Train Station… and it’s a little tight with over 100 typically attending. The town hall is occupied by the Minature Theatre every summer, so that’s out… we can make some use of tents… What do you think? What makes a reunion successful and where should it be held?

Remember we feature “five year” classes every year… if this is a special anniversary for you, why not start organizing? We’ll help if you’ll help! We’ve already had some contact Read more…


Is it safe to call her “Mac?”

July 29, 2008 3 comments

I was recently a bit challenged in a discussion with a fellow “educator.” (I teach real estate and assorted adult education courses.) We were discussing how education has changed… and that naturally led to a discussion of teachers. Chester certainly had a number of colorful ones! It sometimes seems that “Miss McQuestion” was one of the last “good old fashioned” teachers. (But not one of the last GOOD ones!) Given the span of her career, there must be a good story or two that could be posted here!

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Class of 1959 — where are you?

It’s still a year away… but next year marks the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Class of 1959! We’ve already had our first request for an invitation from Janice Oppenheimer Yaslowitz… where is everybody else? Who’s coming next year? Who wants to help organize getting as many from the class as possible to attend?

Post comments and thoughts here!

Reunion 2008 – What do you think?

If you were at the reunion this year, you know we passed out a survey… if you didn’t have a chance to complete one or have thought of something since, here’s your chance! What did you like/not like about this year’s reunion?

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Welcome to your blog!

July 21, 2008 3 comments

Or at least the start of it! You’ll quickly discover this qualifies as a “labor of love” and a “work in progress.” Take a quick read of the page “About this site” and then start posting and commenting!

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