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Here’s a Gem…

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

With apologies to all those teachers who tried to teach us history… let’s face it–history books can be pretty dry and boring. But this one is a “gem” and I’m a little sleepy this morning because I stayed up too late last night turning pages.

A History of Chester Massachusetts is definitely not your average history text. Phyllis has kept the writing conversational and hasn’t so much presented “the facts” as she’s written something of a living history. Readers will of course find the facts present, but also find themselves experiencing some of Chester’s heritage.

Many history books focus on the distant past (which as we age is of course relative). While we do learn about Chester’s earliest days, we also get more recent history… right up to 2008.  Anybody who lived in Chester for any length of time will find familiar names and hear themselves saying, “Hey, I remember that!”

There’s even one who chapter about Chester High’s one hundredth reunion and its earliest beginnings. As I recall the first graduating class consisted of three students. If you’re a Blue Devil or Quarrier you’ll see plenty of familar names and even learn what’s happened to both the high school and elementary school buildings.

In short, this is a recommended read. There are also plenty of photos so it’s great for browsing too. There may not be time to order for Christmas, but don’t let that stop you! And if you see or talk to Phyllis, thank her for this “labor of love” that’s also professionally done.  “Blue White! Let’s Write!”


Preliminary Planning… 2010 Reunion!

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

If you do buy a calendar from the Historical Society, it will already have the date of next year’s reunion: June 26, 2010. That makes the fifty year class the class of 1960 — and you are featured on the jUne page of the calendar. The calendar lists James Mitchell, Glen Avery, Dennis Welin, Robert Goewey, John Walter Ferris, George Miller Jr., Roger McCaul, Gerald Biggs, Miriam Sternagle, Judith Rice, Joan Handsbury, Dorothy Blanchard, Bradley Black, Caol Pease, Paula Zisk, Richard Wilander, Marshall Black, Richard Carraway and Doreen Kelly as members. If you are one of these people… or have information about one of them, please let our secretary or let me know! If one of you would like to “organize” your class, we’ll help… it’s not to early to start contacting people.

Of course we’ll honor all the five year classes… so do the math! In fact, this is my own class’s 45th… so let’s see if we can “pack the depot” again this year… Any classes or ‘mates needing or wanting help, just let me know! We haven’t worked out the details yet, but don’t expect much change from last year… atttending is affordable, we’ve been at ten dollars per person in the past.

What other information should we list here to help you plan your trip?

Historical Society Calender a “Must Read”

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Historical Society Calendar

Over a year's worth of membories

The Chester Historical Society Calendar is one of the few calendars you’ll want to “read.” Not only are there some great photos, but key events from the town (and the nation) are listed throughout the year on the appropriate dates. Did you know, for example, that the first Fire Chief was elected in 1960 on February 12th?

Oh… and if you were in second grade during the 1958-1959 (yes, that’s fify years ago) you’ll see your photo for the entire month of September. I actually found one of the best photos I’ve seen of my paternal grandmother and my aunt! Did you know the Chester Dump was established on September 2, 1954? I think we should plan a celebration this year to mark it’s 55th birthday!

So if you’re a “Chester-ite” this is a worthy purchase both for the memories and the cause. (Proceeds benefit the Historical Society.)

In the same package was my autographed copy of A History of Chester Mass by Phyllis Salvini Donovan. I confess I was up later than usual flipping through and looking at the pictures and reminding myself “you’re supposed to start at the beginning…” I’m quite sure I’ll have a “review” posted in soon!