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There’s Life Between Reunions!

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Well, the Chester High Facebook Page is set up… and while we’re not getting deluged with Blue Devils, a few folks are stopping by! Check it out, post something… maybe we can get some meeting and greeting happening.

Meanwhile, Annette is digging into the “black book” of names and addresses of alumni. This is a huge job…  we’ve talked about a couple of “labor-saving” devices. The best one is trying to identify a class representative for each year; someone who would accept responsibility for helping find and organize a mailing list for that class.

We’re going to start with the classes who will be featured at next year’s reunion, the 50th (1961), 25th (1986) and as time allows we’ll do the other five-year anniversary classes. If you belong to one of those classes, we’ll be happy to help you organize and give you whatever information we have! 

Similarly, if you know anybody who attended Chester Schools or graduated from Gateway as a resident of Chester, encourage them to contact the association and provide their mailing address. We want to build our mailing list and not miss anybody!