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The Search Continues…

Our esteemed secretary continues her search for ‘mates from over the years… We’ve agreed to focus our efforts starting from 1933 (those folks are in their nineties). Thanks to the Internet, there are lots of resources… but the one that is limited is TIME so we’re again asking for some help. If you lived in Chester and attended school there (even if you didn’t graduate from Chester High) we’d like to have you on our mailing list!

If you have some time and energy you can go beyond making sure we know where you are… some areas we could really use some help with:

Finding your classmates… if you’ve kept up with some of your school chums… or would like to help us find them, let us know.

Finding more recent graduates from Gateway… Chester residents graduating from Gateway are welcomed but hard to find thanks to privacy restrictions placed on schools these days. (Gateway cannot give us information about students and alumni.)

Send any information you have (even if you think we know it, you’d be surprised at what we don’t know!) to terryandannette (at) We’re trying to keep track of a lot of people… probably well over a thousand and need all the help we can get!