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Call For Cards…

March 30, 2012 1 comment

Friend and classmate Bob Wilander would surely enjoy a card and note from classmates… Bob has been diagnosed with dementia and his doctors have determined he would not be safe continuing to live alone. He’s currently having a trial stay at a “hotel” (secure assisted living facility). Until those arrangements are permanent, send a card to:

Robert Wilander
c/o Nancy Davis
21 First Avenue
Westfield, MA 01085

Nancy sees Bob regularly and will make certain his cards are delivered. We certainly offer Bob and his sister Carol major cyber hugs and the assurance they are both in our hearts and on our minds.


Reunion Goof

There is some wisdom to the idea that as you get older you shouldn’t trust your memory. During a recent Facebook discussion I announced the date of the reunion as the fourth Saturday in June based on our by-laws. Unfortunately that was a wonderful example of trusting my memory when I shouldn’t have… This came up the last time there were five Saturdays in June and I remembered it exactly backwards. So I am now doing some serious backpedaling.

Fortunately, not everybody believed me and the question reached our secretary, Annette. She had her by-laws handy and looked it up… and I stand corrected. The reunion is set by the by-laws as the last Saturday in June. It doesn’t matter how many there are. I won’t even try to blame in on the fact this is a leap year. I was wrong.

So this year’s reunion is Saturday, June 30th! 

Having made this announcement I apologize to any and all who I gave the wrong information and shall now go wash the egg off my face.