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More To Do Reunion Day!

Thanks to Judy (Davenport) Olson and Mary (Story) Burkholder, we’ve learned that “Carm’s Restaurant” will be open from 7:30 until 1:30 the day of the reunion… stop for coffee and breakfast… save some room, though! Food at the reunion is always overwhelming!

Lots of memories of Carm’s… I used to work there mornings (before school) during hunting season. My primary job was washing dishes but I also got to play assistant chef occasionally, making absolutely the best toast in town!


Go To Jail!

Do not pass “go”… Actually we’re talking about the “old jail” on Route 20 in Chester that now serves as headquarters for the Chester Historical Society. Historical Society folks will “man” the jail starting at 12:30 the day of the Reunion (Saturday, June 30th) so you can stop by and probably be overwhelmed by the resources and memories held in this little building.

You can make a day of it… start with breakfast… sit on the Church Corner for a while… stroll down Memory Lane and the streets of Chester, ending up at the Station… reminiscing there starts around 2 PM… the great food put together by the Chester Foundation folks is served around 3:30 PM and our meeting comes to order at 4 PM.

No naps are scheduled–sorry!

We’re Not Dead Yet!

Annual letter to the members…

Many thanks to those who sent a donation last year and those who supported our Association by attending the reunion! Working with the Chester Foundation has helped us keep the reunion very affordable and we do try to work smart. Your continued support is appreciated whether in spirit or in dollars. If you do include a donation, please indicate clearly where you’d like your donation to be applied—to “operations” or the scholarship fund.

Folks overwhelming tell us to “stay in Chester.” In addition to supporting the town, it really is more like being home… it’s relaxing and there’s no fighting with banquet managers!

An issue we just won’t find a solution for is that there is limited parking close to the train station. It will help if those who feel relatively mobile and young (freshmen and sophomores) leave the nearby parking available for our “senior” classes.  Some “carpooling” would help… and there are a number of you that could probably just walk from home! We do fill up the station and it’s difficult to have enough seats (especially at tables) for everyone… you can bring your lawn chairs if the weather is nice!

We’re still committed to a basic plan that allows for lots of socializing… We’ll still  have our short business meeting at 4:30… then more visiting… we’ll be officially finished at 6 PM, but we won’t “throw people out!” (We might make you help clean up, though!)

We definitely will be looking for a board member this year—Annette is a member of the board by nature of being secretary, so assuming she’s reelected to that position, it would be redundant for her to continue to hold that position. (Board members and terms can be found in the sidebar of this letter.) We are also looking for scholarship custodian to replace the vacancy created by Moe Pease’s death… we are truly going to miss his work on our behalf, his knowledge, and his smiling face at our Reunions.

Our focus last year was to rebuild our mailing list and we did it! I did not have one complaint over people not receiving invitations… thanks to everyone who helped with this—and a special cheer for Annette for a lot of work! Unfortunately, as we build our list we are often reminded of classmates who we’ve lost—recently many of whom were important supporters of the Association. One of the stories I told last year involved Charlotte Demoss Pease who told me pointedly “I am not dead yet!” (It’s an incredibly funny story that epitomizes Charlotte’s spirit… ask me about it at the reunion.) Charlotte was an incredible pumper-upper even after she left the board. I never had a conversation with her that didn’t leave me smiling and excited about our work as an Association. Of course since then Charlotte has moved on—but I’ve come to think that she’s just a little harder to reach now.

I’ve adopted Charlotte’s quote as a bit of a slogan for the Association. We all know that the Association can’t go on forever… there are some realities around age and interest, but it’s far from time to fold our tent and pack up. I hear the words of Charlotte, “We are not dead yet.”

Please support your Association and this year’s plan. Remember, this is everybody’s Association. We are the Chester High from the past and into the future.

Just a simple thing like making sure we have your correct address (whether you are attending or not) helps us save ever increasing postage costs.  You can also help us keep track of classmates by sending any information you have about Chester Grads to our secretary.  While we are not anxious to remove names from our mailing list, if you truly have no interest (and are sure you never will!) just let us know—we’ll stop mailing to you.

The officer list is here to encourage you to contact us. We’d like to hear your offer to help and your ideas and concerns. We are all challenged by long distance and busy schedules, but we don’t want to forget our alma mater! We are always looking for folks who would like to be involved in the association… either to just “help” with jobs and tasks or to hold an office.  If nothing else, why not help us keep track of your class? We’ll help you with information we have if you’ll help us keep our mailing list current.

Hope to see you around Chester in June! Come early and sit on the Church Corner! Stay late and sit on the Church Corner! Go on “tour” and see…


Reunion Invitation Is “In The Mail!”

You should be receiving your copy soon if you haven’t already… you can also download a copy from this site: 2012 Invitation… or read this letter…

Greetings Blue Devils, Quarriers, Grads, Teachers & ‘Mates!

For those of us in northern climes, we’re finally feeling the signs of spring… and that means commencements and reunions, including good ole Chester!

Those who attended last year know we had yet another smashingly successful reunion at the Train Station right in Chester! We just aren’t going to argue with success— We are doing it again!

Folks liked the informality… and the price! So you’ll get to spend even more time sitting with some dear old friends at a price that’s affordable. We’ll be of course honoring all five year classes, and especially the fifty year class of 1962! As always, we’ll need to elect (or reelect) your treasurer, secretary, and two executive board members…. So who’s going to make the first reservation? Come the longest distance?  There’s more information on the back of this… and we’re not through with ideas yet.

This is the reunion you won’t want to miss!  So get your reservation in right now and definitely no later than June 22 accurate headcount for planning purposes.  If you can’t be the first reservation, it doesn’t mean you have to be the last! Please respond even if you can’t make it. We’d like to know this is reaching you and you are still interested in reunions.

Looking forward to seeing you in June…

Your officers, board, and classmates!