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Twenty Five Years Ago…

The Country Journal published the week of our reunion included a short article “25 years ago” regarding our 85th reunion in 1988. The guest list is certainly interesting! Angie Hunt Rogers celebrated her 69th year. The class of 1938 was the 50 year class: Margaret Sherwood Austin, Aldo J. Bizzozero, Kenneth Bloomrose, Gilbert Davenport, Frank C. Dellecese, Pearl Hitchcock Hultman, Millard C. Osgood, Ethel Sanderson Rice, and Hazel Van Wert.

Also interesting is that there were 166 members and guests in attendance. For several years now, we’ve been averaging 110 – 120. Our math teachers would be proud that we recognize that as a 27% decrease, and even more proud that may not be statistically valid. While I’m not sure where we’d put that many people at the Chester Depot, it would be a nice problem to have!



More Reunion Updates

We also had a note from Marguerite Merrill Ketchum (home economics teacher, mid-sixties)… “Carroll and I are doing well and keeping busy. We plan to attend the Good Sam Really in Syracuse NY June 13-16 then head for Berlin Ohio to the Amish area. Also Parkersburg WV to visit a friend and who knows where else! Probably gone for 2-3 weeks… Our daughter Holly is doing phlebotomy at Gifford Hospital in Randolph and working at Tozier’s Restaurant. Jay works at GW Plastics next door to us… Our one and only grandchild, Joyia was three on April 1… she lots of fun!”

Chester High Alumni Come Home…

(News release to the Country Journal)

CHS 2013_192_SM

Alumni enjoy great food prepared by the Chester Foundation.

Chester – As over 100 Chester High Alumni and friends gathered in town, there developed a picture of history, nostalgia, and community/school spirit.  The annual reunion and meeting always draws a large number of people associated with the former Chester High School including Chester Residents who graduated from Gateway after Chester High School closed in the late 1960’s. This year’s meeting was held on June 29 at the restored Chester Train Station.

Special recognition was given to Aldo Bizzazaro from the class of 1938 and Eleanor Laurent from the class of 1939 who were present for his 75thand her 76th reunion. The “half century” class of 1963 included Billy Arthur Biggs and Amy Scott Record.

Association President Walter Boomsma noted that these reunions are “drifting in the direction of becoming as much a town event as a school reunion.” Noting that the Chester Foundation handled most of the meeting arrangements and food, he also pointed out that the Historical Society supports the occasion by offering special hours for alumni to visit prior to the reunion. “We had lots of help setting up and people who volunteered to stay and help clean up,” he said. “I think this is proof that small town America is alive and well, at least here in Chester.”

Election of officers was also held. Elected as President for his tenth year was Walter Boomsma. Also returned to office were Vice President Robert Goewey, Secretary Annette Fimbel LaMoutain, and Treasurer George Morey, Jr. Jackie DeMoss Conklin and Diane Kelly DeMoss were reelected to the Board of Directors.

Duane C. Pease, Scholarship Custodian announced scholarship awards to Kim Bolduc, Ryan Fiske, Alissa Cooper, Jacob and Joshua Robitaille—all 2013 graduates from Gateway Regional High School.

At the close of the meeting several Chester Residents were noted for their on-going contributions to the town. This included Doug Besancon for raising the American Flag every day, Mary Woods Gleason and Robert Gray for helping with events, and Tino Cardarelli and Ronnie Pease for purchasing and installing a new flag pole at the Historical Society’s “old jail” building. Also, Paul Petersante received recognition for organizing the color guard for the Memorial Day Parade.

The Association has already started planning for the next annual meeting, scheduled for June 28, 2014. Those associated with or in some way connected with Chester and/or Chester High School are encouraged to be certain the Association has current mailing information by contacting Annette LaMountain, Association Secretary, PO Box 206, Chester MA 01011.

Honoring A Member…

Many will remember loyal association member and frequent reunion attendee Frank C. Dellecese, Sr. from the class of 1938. Frank was always the “one to beat” for traveling the furthest, from California–nearly every year! Frank’s daughter Stella sent us the sad news that Frank passed away on February 15, 2013. She also sent an interesting “bio” of Frank, much of which I read during this year’s reunion, noting that “little Chester” produces some giants who accomplish great things. I also challenged this year’s scholarship recipients to “go and do likewise”–following Frank’s example.

Frank C. Dellecese, Sr.

Frank C. Dellecese, Sr.

Frank was born in Quincy, Massachusetts on March 9, 1918. During his 94 years, he lived a life full of hard work and heartfelt affection for his family. He passed away on February 15, 2013, leaving his loved ones with countless memories of his kindness and laughter.

Frank is a first generation American, his parents emigrated as teenagers from Italy to Springfield, Massachusetts, where they met and married. Frank had two brothers (Thomas and Louis) and one sister (Gilda). They all grew up in Springfield.

Frank was a decorated WW II veteran. While serving in the Army, he was stationed in Panama to protect the Panama Canal. Near the end of the war, he was transferred to Tucson, Arizona and there he met Dorothy Inez Winders. They fell in love and were married. Together they raised nine children: Nancy, Frank, Elsie, Cathy, Mary, Charlene, Charles, Patricia and Cecilia.

Frank had a long and accomplished career in aeronautical engineering. While still in the army, Frank began his college education at the University of Arizona, in Tucson. When he was discharged from the Army, Frank continued his education on the G.I. Bill. He worked at a Shell service station to augment his family income.

After graduation with a degree in Engineering, he went to work for Hamilton Standard, a division of United Aircraft, located in his home state of Massachusetts, where they manufactured airplane propellers. After getting a bit of experience under his belt at Hamilton Standard, he was hired by Lockheed Aircraft, in Burbank, California. The family moved to nearby Sylmar, California, where he and Dorothy brought up their children in their shared Catholic faith.

He worked for the remainder of his career as a Quality Control Engineer in the “Skunk Works.” The Skunk Works is a Top Secret aeronautical engineering division of Lockheed that produced the F-117 and the SR-71 Blackbird. During the Gulf War, the F- 117 was used against the Iraqi forces. The F-117 was still unknown at that time, and invisible to radar, the enemy literally didn’t know what hit them. Of the hundreds of missions the F-117 flew against Iraq, all came home without a scratch. The Blackbird flies on the edge of outer space and is the fastest airplane ever built. Don’t waste a bullet against the Blackbird; it can easily outrun any bullet.

These are just two of the projects we know that Frank worked on, during his more than 40 year career. As a Quality Control Engineer on these and many other projects, we can rest assured that under his watchful eye, they were done right.

Working in a Top Secret Defense job has its pressures and stresses, but Frank did not let them weigh him down as he also worked part time at Sears Roebuck and Company in the evenings for 20 years. He sold tires, tools, auto parts and appliances, using his mechanical skills and hard-working spirit to provide for the family that he loved so dearly. Frank had a full retirement at both places.

In retirement, Frank enjoyed travel. He especially enjoyed visiting family. He attended many of his high school reunions in Massachusetts. After Dorothy passed away in 1986, Frank met and married Stella Kaminski. Stella passed away in 2004.

Frank is survived by 9 children, 20 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. He was greatly loved and will be greatly missed.


2013 Attendance List

Actually, this list includes those who registered… we did have a few “no shows.” We are looking for “class representatives”–people who are interested and willing to organize your class, help ‘mates keep in touch, and encourage reunion attendance. This has worked extremely well for several classes… if you’re interested, contact Walter or Annette and we’ll help you get started!

Apologies in advance for any name spelling errors or wrong graduation years!


  • Aldo Bizzazaro


  • Eleanor Laurent


  • Anita Sainio Macia
  • Priscilla Packard Surniner
  • Ruth Ebelt Disanto


  • Benjamin Disanto
  • Felix Salzano


  • William Holmes
  • Rita Mitchel Phelps


  • Leonard Alexander


  • Claire Mooney Daigle
  • James E. Pease


  • Eleanor Macia Markham
  • Barbara Gerrish Thomas
  • Muriel Pease Boisseau
  • Fay Peltier Piergiovanni
  • Edwin Carrington


  • Floyd Pease
  • Thomas Madru
  • Edward Willey


  • Lora Sanderson Carrington
  • James Pease
  • Tino Cardarelli
  • Clayton Pease
  • Richard L. Besancon
  • Rosemary Salvini Caputo
  • Emily Scott

1953 — Sixty Year Class

  • Francis Broadhurst
  • Paul Petersante
  • Verna Shafer McCullough
  • Persis LaMontagne Webb
  • Steve Salvini


  • John Salvini
  • Phyllis Bender
  • Lillian Macia Paschetto
  • Phyllis Salvini Donovan
  • John Young
  • James Morse


  • Claire Salvini Willey
  • Ilene Koivisto Smith
  • Janice Leone Brown


  • Vivian McCall Salvini
  • Richard Mitchell


  • Glenn Fish


  • Martha Kelly Paquette
  • Wendell Cook
  • Mary Niskanen Thayer


  • Faith Frisbie Rock
  • Judy Davenport Olson
  • Dawn Damon Lincoln
  • Joan Ferris Clemons
  • Edith Cooper Whitaker
  • Doug Besancon
  • Robert Gray
  • Joan Will Monroe
  • Mary Woodis Gleason
  • Ralph Kenyon


  • Jacqueline DeMoss Conklin
  • Mary Story Burkholder
  • Riley Besaw

1963 — Fifty Year Class

  • Billy Arthur Biggs
  • Amy Scott Record


  • Duane C. Pease


  • Ed Woodis
  • Bruce Cooper
  • Walter Boomsma
  • Grace Besancon Dugas
  • Julie Niskanen Swol
  • Annette Fimbel LaMountain
  • Kathy Gleason Jones


  • Rita Alexander Butler
  • Judy Young
  • Paul Young
  • Corinne Ryan Sakaske
  • Dotty Besaw Woodall


  • John Hultman


  • Viriginia Lowinski Brown


  • Brenda Davenport Budreau


  • Nick Dalesandro


  • Steven Cooper


  • Kiirsten Pedersen Cooper

2013 – Congratulations, Graduates!

  • Kim Bolduc
  • Ryan Fish
  • Alissa Cooper
  • Jacob Robitaille
  • Joshua Robitaille



2013 Reunion Photos

There’s lots to report this year… it’s gonna come in bits and pieces–remember this is a volunteer service! For today, here’s a couple of photos from this year’s get-togetherCHS 2013_185_SMCHS 2013_186_SMCHS 2013_183_SM