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Ribbit! Ribbit! – an 85 year old frog in Chester

Thanks to the CIA (Chester Inquiry Assistance) Subcommittee a mystery reported in an old news article on the 2015 Chester Historical Society Calendar has been solved! The mystery has a long history and recently surfaced when the calendar included a photo of a rock on the Old Huntington Road painted to resemble a frog. The article, published in 1970, explains:

Chester–Arthur O. Wilander has lived in town all his life but he doesn’t know who paints the frog on the rock on Old Huntington Road. Woodrow Black has been in Chester for at least 25 years and he doesn’t know who paints the rock either.

Every year or two years the rock receives a new coat of paint  by person or persons unknown to town officials. This year “Love is a frog” was added to the usual outline of a frog. Black said green flourescent paint was used. 

“When we were children about 50 years ago,” Wilander said, The painting was there.

“It’s just one of those things,” Black said.

Forty four years later, the mystery is solved. Stella Foley Connor’s mother first painted it back in 1929 and Stella who now lives in Becket and a friend Marion Middleton of Otis went and repainted the frog or toad this past summer.  It has been sentimental for Stella over the years and the old rock needed a fresh coat of paint.  The gals even cleaned up all the brush around it.  When in Chester please take a look at it!


Association Announces CIA Subcommittee

spywith magnify glassHaving solved a number of mysteries–such as the origins of our Alma Mater–Chester High School’s Alumni Association is pleased to announced the informal formation of a CIA (Chester Inquiry Assistance) Subcommittee. Every member of the Association is on the committee. For that matter, anyone who has lived in Chester belongs to the CIA.

We are indebted to Fay Piergiovanni of the Chester Historical Society for recognizing the potential of forming such a group. You can remain “undercover” by sending your information via email or a Facebook Message on our page. Or you can “come out” by posting your comments and findings here on our website.

Your current assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to help us find a slide show. Fay has stayed in touch with John Costello who was a Principal at Chester Grammar School the years before we joined Gateway Regional in 1968. John (Mr. Costello) asked recently what happened to the slide show they put together providing commentary on the state of Chester Grammar School. He thinks it was put together specifically  for the school committees, probably in the mid-sixties.

If you have any information or ideas, let us know! How cool would it be to find it and post it on the site? Our CIA subcommittee has an excellent track record, having recently solved a mystery presented on the 2015 Chester Historical Society Calendar. We’ll post the mystery and solution soon… but another mystery you can solve is whether or not you’ve ordered your calendar. If not, do so soon!

Western Mass in photo and song…

Many thanks to Susan Austin (’68?) for sharing this via email… lots of familiar places and a catchy tune!

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