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Mr. Russo Writes Book!

December 18, 2014 Leave a comment

Those who attended CHS from the mid-late sixties will remember Mr. Russo for many different things… his teaching, his administration, his friendship, his sense of humor and his buffalo.

Well, he’s published a book! His official author’s bio says, “Tony Russo has spent his life as an educator, teaching English in both secondary and college classrooms while nurturing his writing muse. ‘It took a long time, but I never gave up, and I encourage you to do the same.'”

PuppetmasterThis is the first Joe Crane mystery.

In the mid-1980s, Lottery Fever gripped the nation. States with lotteries saw larger and larger multimillion-dollar payoffs. When in September 1984, $40 million dollars were won in the Illinois State Lottery, imaginations exploded across the land. Across the border in Missouri, a persistent faction pushed for a Lottery. Tired of losing revenue to Illinois, a growing number of Missouri business and political leaders demanded a State Lottery.

Unaware of his underworld connections, the Lottery Commission appointed Vincent Mancini as the Comptroller. As Comptroller, he controlled the movement of large amounts of cash through a series of banks to always get the best interest rate. Utilizing his underworld contacts to several offshore banks, he could to wash a significant amount of drug-earned cash.

Mancini’s plan was working well until his actions brought him to the attention of Joe Crane. Now it is a race between Mancini and Crane, which threatens Crane and those closest to him, and a wrong move could cost him his life.

The Puppetmaster: A Joe Crane Mystery [Paperback]

The Puppetmaster: A Joe Crane Mystery [Kindle Edition]

Bring your copy to the 2015 Reunion, because he’s planning to be there… you can have an autographed copy!


Class of ’65 Starts Organizing…

December 2, 2014 Leave a comment

Well, maybe “reorganizing” would be more accurate! We first got together for our twenty-fifth, thanks in a large measure to the detective work of Annette. In a “pre-Internet” world she managed to track down nearly every member of our class–and then some!

We’ve done a pretty good job of keeping in touch over the years… but it’s time to reorganize in anticipation of our fiftieth anniversary reunion on June 27, 2015. As a first step, postcards are being mailed to all blue devils of record to make sure we have current contact information for all associated with our class. (We have a few “honorary” members as well.)

Look for occasional progress reports here… including on the Class of 65 Page. We’ll also challenge the twenty-five class (graduated 1990) to get organized as well… and we’d love to see some of the folks we were in school with… let’s make it a 60’s reunion! Where are the classes from 1961 through 1969?