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Help Wanted!

November 19, 2015 Leave a comment

figure_help_wanted_400_clr_2561 Our association is very fortunate to have and manage a significant scholarship fund that helps a number of kids every year. The Association’s founders wisely kept the management of those funds separate from the regular business of the Association by creating a team of Scholarship Custodians to manage the funds and determine scholarship recipients.

We have an opening for a such a custodian. The work is not difficult or time-consuming–most of it is seasonal in nature and revolves around determining scholarship winners.  (There are guidelines for each scholarship.)

About the only qualification is you are a member of the Association. You also can’t old any other office in the Association. I suppose ideally one would live somewhat near Chester, but given telephones and technology that’s probably not necessary.

If you’re interested in spending a few hours every year helping out your alma mater and our future generation, please contact Walter Boomsma by phone or email (click link). You can also leave a message on the Chester High School Facebook page. Vacancies are filled by vote of the Executive Board. The term we are filling ends June, 2016 but we hope the person will be reelected and serve a three-year term.