About this site… (Read First!)

Okay, Blue Devils and Quarriers! Here’s another “labor of love” brought to you unofficially by Walter “Wally” Boomsma, Class of ’65 and (currently anyway) president of the CHS Alumni Association.

By way of background, I tried something like this a few years ago and it became a nightmare to maintain — particularly an attempt to keep a “directory” of sorts. Technology changes and it seems appropriate to try again. So this blog is an attempt to create a “meeting place” for alumni where memories can be shared and, hopefully, connections can be made.

General advice suggests we should have all sorts of policies, guidelines, and rules. Ugh. If anybody would like to write them, let me know! For that matter if anyone would like to help manage the site, let me know that too!

Let’s play fair, be courteous, watch our language. You know. Remember this is the Internet. The words you post are available to anyone and everyone. So if you start to reminisce and name names, be considerate.

And use common-sense when posting personal information. For the time being all posts and comments will be moderated (they won’t appear immediately). I’m doing that mostly to keep the spam down, but also to assure myself we all play nice. If I have all the settings correct, you should have to register to post. Your email address is required but won’t be included in your post/comment, and you won’t get added to any mailing lists!

Is that one of the simplest privacy policies you’ve ever read?

  1. charliecampo
    July 23, 2008 at 10:27 pm


    Glad to see you are trying to teach us old dogs a new trick. It’s quite possible we’ll all be able to figure this blogging out with the help of our grandchildren or some friendly neighborhood juveniles. Hope everyone gives it a try!

    Charlie Campo

    (who never made it to Blue Devil or Quarrier status as I left in 6th grade. I still have warm memories of a great town and very special classmates.)

  2. walterboomsma
    July 24, 2008 at 7:14 am

    Thanks, Charlie! Good to see you here… and I think you know that your ’65 mates consider you a Blue Devil even though you “left” us!

    BTW… figuring out this blogging thing… consider posting this (or something new) to the post that shows in the center of the page when you first arrive. People are more likely to see comments on posts instead of pages.

    I know that’s confusing.

  1. January 2, 2011 at 7:09 am

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