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Visit the New Chester History Museum

Yes… the Chester History Museum will be open on Reunion Weekend… you won’t want to miss it!



Historical Society to Conduct Penny Social

The Chester Massachusetts Historical Society will host a Penny Social on Saturday, April  14, 2018. The “doors open” at  5:30 p.m. and bidding takes place from 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm. Refreshments will be served. To purchase tickets and to donate items call 354-6514. This will be held at the Chester Town Hall, 15 Middlefield Road, Chester MA. All proceeds benefit the Chester Historical Society.

How much do you know?

figure_help_wanted_400_clr_2561First, a word of thanks to those who have helped us locate more and more alumni! Keep those cards and letters coming in!

I recently made some enhancements to the site by adding and categorizing links to information about Chester area businesses and organizations. We’re hoping to have lots of folks attend the 115th Annual Reunion Gala and want to make your visit to Chester fun and easy!

You can help… I’m hoping we can include some additional information in this year’s invitation such as contact information and open hours for things like the Hamilton Memorial Library, Fire Department… we’ve already got some from the Historical Society and Chester Foundation. I’m also looking for nearby restaurants and lodging accommodations. Check out what’s already listed and share the ones I’ve missed. A lot of Blue Devils and Quarriers like to “go on tour” while they are in town–where are the cool places to visit?

A link to a website or Facebook page is great! You can just email whatever you have, or comment on this post (click on the headline and a comment box will open at the bottom of the post).

Stay tuned for more news… don’t forget to save the date: Saturday, June 30, 2018.

A Year’s Worth of Memories

How would you like to be reminded of your Chester days at least once a month for a year! The Chester Historical Society has published it’s annual calendar. The cover photo offers a view of Maple Street from the 1940’s:

2018 calendar

By the way, this photo has generated a lot of discussion on the Chester Foundation Facebook stage–since Smithie’s Watch/Clock Shop (first building on right) was often used by railroad men to keep timepiece’s accurate, they are interested in knowing more about the shop, building, etc.

Additional historical information and photos include Classic Pizza, Miss Van Wert’s 1947 second grade class, saunas, Chester General Store (A & L Market) which is currently for sale.

The calendar can be purchased for $15 at the Chester Village Market and Chester Electric Light Office or by contacting a Historical Society Member (Fay Piergiovanni, Judy Olson, and others) if you’re in the area.  Those wishing to purchase by mail, please add $2 for postage and send a check for $17 to the Chester Historical Society, 15 Middlefield Road, Chester, MA 01011.


Win This Quilt!

September 4, 2017 Leave a comment

UPDATE (October 2, 2017) — Just received word the quilt was won by John Baldasaro of Chester! Congratulations, John! Stay warm with it!

The Chester Historical Society has a quilt made and donated by Kathy Blanchard, CHS graduate, Class of 1967 to be raffled on September 30, 2017, to support its fund-raising effort to preserve the Methodist Church, the Historical Society Museum’s new location.  We are holding an Open House on that same date from 1:00 – 4:00  and raffle tickets are $10 each.  Quilt size is 68″ x 76″… and you can order raffle tickets by sending a check!

For raffle tickets contact:

  • Annette LaMountain   413-354-6514
    PO Box 260–Chester, MA 01011
  • Judy Olson   413-247-9262
    46 W Pantry Road–Hatfield MA 01088

Around Chester, 2017

June 28, 2017 2 comments

A few photos for those who haven’t been to town for a while. I started in Pine Hill Cemetery… Later while taking photos downtown, I instinctively smiled and waved at folks driving by. Most gave me a blank stare. It finally occurred to me that I now know a lot of people in the cemetery but very few living in town! Time waits for no one… (I didn’t have a lot of time so these are just a few of the familiar haunts.)

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Chester then…

October 22, 2015 Leave a comment

Experimenting with embedding Facebook posts… thought folks would enjoy this photo:

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