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More Missing Mates!

milk-carton-31473_1280The following invitations were returned for various reasons (insufficient address, moved–no forwarding address, etc.) that boil down to the address we have isn’t working.  If you are on the list or know someone who is, please submit an up-to-date, correct address either by using this page on the site or by contacting Robert Goewey or Walter Boomsma. We don’t have a lot of time to resend invitations, so hurry!

Names are followed by the year graduated. Thanks for any help you can offer!

  • Cain M Larkin, 2012
  • Michael Canterbury, 1988
  • Amy Dipietro, 2005
  • Pam Engwer Gordon, 1980
  • Marcella Stenico, 1981
  • Korey Whitaker, 2010
  • Aaron Whitaker, 2012
  • Dorothy Webb Hamby, 1945
  • Jacquelane Boland Arnold, 2000
  • Molly Szkotat, 2000
  • Joan Hansbury Carpenter, 1960
  • Karl Baker, 1993
  • Neille J. Goszkowicz, 1990
  • Rex Young, 1982
  • Janice Butler Mangano, 1952
  • Sandra Cooper Cannon, 1988
  • Shirley Gleason Vitale, 1947
  • Jon Castagne, 1977
  • Ora Pease Lee, 1966
  • Keith Bailey, 1970
  • David W. Swicker, 1941
  • Stephanie Conway, 2002
  • Marion Stone Dueso, 1972
  • John Armitage, 2015
  • Beth Gemme, 2003
  • John Barrett, 2016
  • Sare G. Pandolfino, 2012
  • A. Ward, 2009
  • Sam Balakanus, 2013
  • Lori Beaudry Flint, 1981

Class of 1993 — Where are they now?

Class of 1993

Courtesy of the Chester Historical Society, reprinted with permission from the 2018 calendar.

Where are they now? We do not have addresses for Henry Fristik, John Henry, Jason Jameson, Joseph Jones, and Stacy Watson from the Class of 1993.

Update your address!


Take a bus, a train…

2018 Reunion Teaser

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Square Up!

Who remembers that instruction?  It surprised me a little that I was able to serve as a source of history regarding the “Berkshire Teen Shufflers” and “Wildcat Twirlers.” I shared with the Historical Society… “The folks you have listed there were the advisors—Dottie Pease was the caller and organizer… it was a club of teens, I was president for a few years. We would often travel to other clubs in the area… Russell, Westfield, etc. and I have dim recollections of competing in some square dance contests. Both David Hitchcock and I also learned to call some, thanks to Dottie. The Wildcat Twirlers was the adult club… some of the names I remember were the advisors you have plus Doris and Pete Austin… I remember Lilia Burnup being involved for a while. Golly… the Shufflers danced every Tuesday night as I recall. Lots of fun memories and times! I don’t remember exactly… but I think the Teen Club fizzled out a few years after I graduated (1965). I remember our “square” – danced together lots. Couple 1: Susan Willey and me, 2 Carol Willey and Jeff Pease (Dottie’s son), 3 Karla Zmuda and David Hitchcock, 4 Maureen Austin and George LaMountain. It sure feels weird being part of history!”

By the way, I’m pretty sure one reason the adult club was called “Wildcat Twirlers” was that after dancing, they went to Wildcat Springs for adult beverages!

If you have a memory, why not share it as a comment and contribute to the legacy of two great clubs that were an important part of Chester’s History!? I’ll make sure all comments get forwarded to the Chester Historical Society.

Square Dance

Photo from the Chester Historical Society’s 2018 Calendar, reprinted with permission.

CHS Champions of Southern Berkshire League–1951!

CHS 1951_resized

We owe a big thanks to Bill Giles ’51 for sending along this photo which he admits, “…is not in too good shape.” Well, it is 67 years old! It definitely was a moment–the first time the girl’s team had won a championship!

Recognize These Lovely Ladies?

February 7, 2018 Leave a comment
May 1951 by Esther Strout

From right to left: Jean Verratti Murray, Esther Ward Strout, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Juanita Ward Blake. (Photo provided by Esther Ward Strout ’55, taken in May of 1951)

Felix Salzano ’44 Makes Honor Flight

January 25, 2018 Leave a comment

Many thanks to William (Bill) Giles ’51 for not only bringing this to my attention but for mailing me the clipping of an article in The Republic Plus on Wednesday, January 17, 2018. Try as I might, I’ve not been able to find a link to the article online and copyright restrictions prevent me from posting the article itself on our website.

I can report a few tidbits, including the fact Felix has the rare distinction of having served in both the European and Pacific Theatres during World War II. He was thrilled to be invited and the participate in the Honor Flight Program in September. Honor Flight is a non-profit organization that flies veterans to Washington DC “to visit those memorials dedicated to honor the service and sacrifices of themselves and their friends.”

The article suggests that it was an ambitious trip, beginning with a departure from Springfield at 3:00 a.m. A return to Logan arriving at 10:30 p.m. suggests he and his escort were likely not home before midnight, but Felix said, “I’m so glad I made it. I felt inspired.” While in Washington, he and his fellow participants were given a police escort where traffic was stopped at every intersection as they toured and visited the World War II, Korean and Viet Nam memorials.

Felix’s story is truly a great one–both the story of this trip and of his service. Let’s hope he makes it to this year’s reunion and we can convince him to share some of his experiences.

I know I speak for the Alumni Association and our members when I say we’re happy and proud he received this honor, and we are truly grateful for his service. He’s also been a strong supporter of our Association by attending reunions. I’ve sent a special invitation to attend this year–explaining that we can’t promise a police escort, but there’s not that much traffic in Chester anyway!

Read the letter to sent to Felix.