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2017 Reunion Attendees by Class

June 29, 2017 2 comments

Apologies if we missed anyone or spelled a name wrong! Let us know and we’ll fix it!

Class of 1939

  • Harriet Kelso Gilman

Class of 1944

  • Felix Salzano

Class of 1947

  • James Pease
  • Claire Daigle Mooney
  • Grace Miln Phelps

Class of 1950

  • Fay Peltier Piergiovani
  • Charles Myers
  • Phyllis Salvini Donovan
  • Marjorie Savery Pulver
  • Edwin Carrington
  • Eleanor Macia Markham
  • Muriel Pease Boisseau

Class of 1951

  • Edward Willey
  • William Giles

Class of 1952

  • Clayton Pease
  • Tino Cardarelli
  • Roberta Carrington Small
  • Lora Sanderson Carrington

Class of 1953

  • Stephen Salvini
  • Persis Webb
  • Verna Schaffer McCullough

Class of 1954

  • William Koivisto
  • James Morse
  • John Young
  • Lillian Macia Paschetto

Class of 1955

  • Claire Willey

Class of 1956

  • George Morey
  • Vivian McCall Salvini

Class of 1957

  • Curtis Bush

Class of 1958

  • Glenn Fish
  • Angela Horalek Savery

Class of 1959

  • Michael Koivisto
  • Jean Elder Bush
  • Leland Wheeler

Class of 1960

  • Robert Goewey

Class of 1961

  • Judith Davenport Olson
  • Ralph Kenyon, Jr.
  • Joan Will Monroe
  • Mary Woodis Gleason
  • Duane Buckley
  • Dawn Damon

Class of 1962

  • Mary Story Burkholder

Class of 1963

  • Robert Burkholder

Class of 1965

  • Edward Woodis
  • Bruce Cooper
  • Walter Boomsma

Class of 1967

  • Kathleen Blanchard
  • Ricky Sakaske
  • Richard Stenico

Class of 1968

  • Diane Kelly DeMoss

Class of 1971

  • Rosemary Dalesandro

Class of 1975

  • Paul Wilander

Class of 2013

  • Kimberly Bolduc

2017 Reunion Photos

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Reunion Invitation Available!

Yes! You can download your reunion invitation from this website:

2017 Reunion Invitation


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Granite Chips!

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With many thanks to Ralph Kenyon, we have a solution to the mystery found in the On the School Steps photograph published earlier this year… here’s the complete page!


On The School Steps…

July 9, 2016 1 comment
Class of 1963, submitted by Ed Woodis

Class of ?, submitted by Ed Woodis (includes some folks from ’61 and ’63.)


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More Reunion Photos

With many thanks to Ed Woodis, Class of ’65… here are some additional photos including some of the food preparation. (If others have photos to share, please email them as an attachment to Walter Boomsma.)

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Chester High Alumni “Come Home”

Chester – As approximately 100 Chester High Alumni and friends gathered in town, there developed a picture of history, nostalgia, and community/school spirit.  The annual reunion and meeting always draws a large number of people associated with the former Chester High School, including Chester Residents who attended or graduated from Gateway after Chester High School closed in the late 1960’s. This year’s meeting was held on June 26 at the restored Chester Train Station.

Special recognition was given to Aldo Bizzazarro from the class of 1938 who was present for his 78th reunion. Bizzazaro was given the distinct honor of leading the buffet line together with Eleanor Barrett Laurent and Harriet Kelso Gilman from the class of 1939. The delicious spread was prepared by Chester Foundation workers under the direction of Barbara Pease Huntoon.

Association President Walter Boomsma noted that these reunions are “drifting in the direction of becoming as much a town event as a school reunion.” Noting that the Chester Foundation handled most of the meeting arrangements and food, he also pointed out that the Historical Society supports the occasion by offering special hours for alumni to visit prior to the reunion. “I think this is proof that small town America is alive and well, at least here in Chester,” he said.

The graduating class of 1966 celebrated their  fifty-year anniversary. Returning members included David Zucker, Karla Zmuda Franke, Maureen Austin Meirs, Robert White Jr., Paul Young, Judy Young, John DeMoss, and Dorothy Besaw Woodall.

The Association re-elected Walter Boomsma as President for his eleventh year. Also returned to office were Vice President Robert Goewey, Treasurer George Morey, Jr. Mary Story Burkholder was elected Secretary.

Janice Leone Brown was reelected and John Young was elected to the Board of Directors. Scholarship Custodians include Duane C. Pease, Elinore Whitcher Gordon, and Edward Woodis.

Scholarship awards were presented to Gabriella Ramires Lyons, Ben Van Henigan, Chelsea Edinger, Ben Jameson, and Lauren Venn—all 2016 graduates from Gateway Regional High School.

The Association has already started planning for the next annual meeting, scheduled for June 27, 2017. Members agreed unanimously to maintain the Chester location and time of the annual event because “it’s good to be home.” Those associated with or in some way connected with Chester and/or Chester High School are encouraged to be certain the Association has current mailing information by contacting Mary Burkholder, Association Secretary, 96 Llewellyn Drive, Westfield MA 01085.  The Association also maintains an informational website at and a Facebook page.