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Last Call, Almost!

deadline-stopwatch-2636259_640You really should have your reservation to the Chester High School Reunion mailed by tomorrow! We need to give a firm lunch count by the end of this week and that means we should have all reservations no later than Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

If you lost the form, you can print one: 2018 Invitation.

Mail your reservation to:

Robert Goewey
Chester High School Alumni Association
1 Aldrich Avenue
Huntington MA 01050

Then start packing!



Class of 1993 — Where are they now?

Class of 1993

Courtesy of the Chester Historical Society, reprinted with permission from the 2018 calendar.

Where are they now? We do not have addresses for Henry Fristik, John Henry, Jason Jameson, Joseph Jones, and Stacy Watson from the Class of 1993.

Update your address!


A Year’s Worth of Memories

How would you like to be reminded of your Chester days at least once a month for a year! The Chester Historical Society has published it’s annual calendar. The cover photo offers a view of Maple Street from the 1940’s:

2018 calendar

By the way, this photo has generated a lot of discussion on the Chester Foundation Facebook stage–since Smithie’s Watch/Clock Shop (first building on right) was often used by railroad men to keep timepiece’s accurate, they are interested in knowing more about the shop, building, etc.

Additional historical information and photos include Classic Pizza, Miss Van Wert’s 1947 second grade class, saunas, Chester General Store (A & L Market) which is currently for sale.

The calendar can be purchased for $15 at the Chester Village Market and Chester Electric Light Office or by contacting a Historical Society Member (Fay Piergiovanni, Judy Olson, and others) if you’re in the area.  Those wishing to purchase by mail, please add $2 for postage and send a check for $17 to the Chester Historical Society, 15 Middlefield Road, Chester, MA 01011.


Scholarship Application Now Available

Check out the “Scholarship Application” tab on the site–it’s now possible for students to download an application for the scholarships available from the Chester High Alumni Association! Note that applications must be returned by June 1.

2015 Reunion Attendee List

Aldo Bazzazaro

Eleanor Laurent

Priscilla Packard Suriner
Anita Macia Sainia

Felix Salzano

William Holmes

James Pease
Claire Daigle Mooney

Donald Please

Barbara Gerrish Thomas
Edwin Carrington
Phyllis Salvini Donovan
Eleanor Macia Markham
Majorie Savery Pulver
Charles Myers
Fay Peltier Pierviovanni
Muriel Pease Boisseau
Rita Tracey Dempsey
Ruth Pease Scott

Read more…

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Jobs Available!

We need a secretary! Edith has announced her intention to “really” retire this year.

I know everybody is now trying to look invisible or at least smaller. That’s what happens when officer positions become available, but this is a very important job and we’re really hoping somebody will “step up” and agree to be nominated. I’m sure Edith will help with the transition… some computer skills would certainly be helpful, but what’s more important is a desire to keep the Association alive and healthy! If you are even the tiniest bit interested, feel free to give me a call or email to discuss!

If you know someone who’d be good, bribe or threaten them! And as an added incentive to attend the reunion, consider that you could get elected if you’re not there to decline! Conversely, if you’d like to be elected but can’t make the reunion, please let a board member or officer know and we’ll get you nominated.

We also will have an opening on the Board so you have two chances to help out your Association. Whaddya say?

You Didn’t Ask…

I’ve been working on this year’s reunion invitation… and looking at last year’s noticed that I “threatened” to tell a town clock story. I don’t recall anybody asking, but I can’t resist.

It seems that during the early 1960’s there were two Blue Devils who frequently ushered at the United Church. I said names would be withheld, but one’s initials were CD and the other’s were WB.

I’ll bet you didn’t know this: the church bell (operational at the time) sounds vaguely similiar to the town clock’s bell.

Said ushers discovered that a gentle tug on the rope in vestry would generate two well-timed “bongs” immediately after the town clock had chimed eleven. We never did know if anybody wondered why it occasionally was “thirteen o’clock” on Sunday morning in Chester.

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