Current Officers (2017-2018)

Please feel free to contact any officer with your ideas, questions, or concerns…  and consider getting involved! It helps us immensely when a ‘mate takes on responsibility for organizing his or class… finding folks, etc. and keeping the mailing list current. None of these are paying jobs unless you count the fun and satisfaction!

Walter Boomsma
17 River Road
Abbot ME 04406
207 876-4131
Vice President/Secretary:
Robert Goewey
8 Aldrich Avenue
Huntington MA 01050
413 667-3354
George A. Morey Jr.
80 Masonic Home Road W-202
Charlton MA 01507
508 434-2637

Executive Board

Judy Davenport Olson, Hatfield MA  term exp 2018
Edith Cooper Whitaker, Westfield MA 01085 term exp 2018
Brenda Davenport Budreau, Chester MA 01011 term exp 2019
Tino Cardarelli, Chester MA 01011 term exp 2019
Janice Leone Brown, Chester MA 01011 term exp 2020
John (Jack) Young, Hinsdale MA 01235 term exp 2020
 Jacki DeMoss Conklin, Huntington MA 01011 term exp 2021
Diane Kelly DeMoss, Chester MA 01050 term exp 2021

Scholarship Custodians

Duane C. Pease – term exp 2018
16 Hampden Street
Chester MA 01011
413 354-9628
Ed Woodis – term exp 2019
55 Western Circle
Westfield MA 01085
413 519-2141
Mary Story Burkholder – term exp 2020
96 Llewellyn Drive
Westfield MA 01085
413 568-1694
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