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Last Call, Almost!

deadline-stopwatch-2636259_640You really should have your reservation to the Chester High School Reunion mailed by tomorrow! We need to give a firm lunch count by the end of this week and that means we should have all reservations no later than Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

If you lost the form, you can print one: 2018 Invitation.

Mail your reservation to:

Robert Goewey
Chester High School Alumni Association
1 Aldrich Avenue
Huntington MA 01050

Then start packing!



Reunion Update…

I hate it when I see an old person and realize that we went to high school together.

I’m not sure who said it first, but suspect many of us have thought it–maybe more than once!

Reservations are coming in and, while I haven’t done a thorough analysis, it looks like we’ll have an interesting group again this year! I see a few reservations from folks who graduated in the 70’s and I think the “oldest” so far is from the class of 1942. I also see reservations from a few folks we haven’t seen in quite a while!

Do we have yours?

It looks like we are going to have an opening for a board position this year… it’s actually not a tough job but it is an important one. Board members are occasionally contacted by mail or email during the year when decisions must be made. The board also meets every year prior to the reunion (same day) with the primary task of electing the president and vice president in accordance with our by-laws. The position that will be open this year is a three-year term. While attendance at the board meeting every year is encouraged, it’s not absolutely necessary.

If you are interested in helping the Association by accepting this position, please speak up! You can send an email to Walter Boomsma or let any other officer or board member know. It’s particularly important to let us know that you’re interested if you aren’t going to be at the reunion. We try not to elect people who don’t want a position!

Hope to see many of you in a month!

Class of 1993 — Where are they now?

Class of 1993

Courtesy of the Chester Historical Society, reprinted with permission from the 2018 calendar.

Where are they now? We do not have addresses for Henry Fristik, John Henry, Jason Jameson, Joseph Jones, and Stacy Watson from the Class of 1993.

Update your address!


How much do you know?

figure_help_wanted_400_clr_2561First, a word of thanks to those who have helped us locate more and more alumni! Keep those cards and letters coming in!

I recently made some enhancements to the site by adding and categorizing links to information about Chester area businesses and organizations. We’re hoping to have lots of folks attend the 115th Annual Reunion Gala and want to make your visit to Chester fun and easy!

You can help… I’m hoping we can include some additional information in this year’s invitation such as contact information and open hours for things like the Hamilton Memorial Library, Fire Department… we’ve already got some from the Historical Society and Chester Foundation. I’m also looking for nearby restaurants and lodging accommodations. Check out what’s already listed and share the ones I’ve missed. A lot of Blue Devils and Quarriers like to “go on tour” while they are in town–where are the cool places to visit?

A link to a website or Facebook page is great! You can just email whatever you have, or comment on this post (click on the headline and a comment box will open at the bottom of the post).

Stay tuned for more news… don’t forget to save the date: Saturday, June 30, 2018.

Scholarship Recipients Listed

Camryn Rock received the Kent Alexander Scholarship.

Anna Pless and Nicholas Cooper both received scholarships from the Permanent Scholarship Fund.

Rachel LeBarron received the Chouffet & Pierce Woods Scholarships.

2017 CHSAA Reunion 19

Brent and Margaret Alexander attended to assist with the presentation of the  Kent Alexander Scholarship, created by Francis in memory of her son Paul (Brent’s brother).

Students are reminded that scholarship applications are available on this website:

CHS Scholarship Application.

Around Chester, 2017

June 28, 2017 2 comments

A few photos for those who haven’t been to town for a while. I started in Pine Hill Cemetery… Later while taking photos downtown, I instinctively smiled and waved at folks driving by. Most gave me a blank stare. It finally occurred to me that I now know a lot of people in the cemetery but very few living in town! Time waits for no one… (I didn’t have a lot of time so these are just a few of the familiar haunts.)

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Scholarship Application Now Available

Check out the “Scholarship Application” tab on the site–it’s now possible for students to download an application for the scholarships available from the Chester High Alumni Association! Note that applications must be returned by June 1.